Terms of Use


These terms of use define the relationship between you and Denkin e.K. when using the services provided by Denkin e.K. and the behavior required to be authorized to use these services.

By using a service of Denkin e.K. you automatically accept these terms of use. Do not use the services of Denkin e.K., if you should not agree to any of the conditions listed here or you do not understand any of them completely!

If you, i. e. the user and thus the person affected by these conditions, are a child under the respective applicable law or definition under whose influence you are, or have not yet reached the age of 16, a legal representative must additionally accept these terms of use on your behalf.

Denkin e.K. reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time. The current version of this contract is published on the website of Denkin e.K. (denkin.co) and comes into effect on the date of publication. You automatically accept the changes by continuing to use the services of Denkin e.K. Therefore, please check regularly whether the terms of use have been updated. However, there is no guarantee for permanent or frequent accessibility of the website.

1. Your Right to use the Services of Denkin e.K.

By accepting these terms of use, you acquire the revocable, non-transferable, non-exclusive and by you non-reproducible right to use the services, to whose access you have previously qualified in exchange for money or without money, from Denkin e.K. for your non-commercial, exclusively private use. This right may be revoked by Denkin e.K. and on behalf of Denkin e.K. at any time and without justification. It is automatically revoked if the conditions of this or any other contract between you and Denkin e.K. are violated.

2. Rights that you are expressly denied

With your consent you do not acquire any rights other than those defined in 2. You expressly do not receive consent to redistribute or copy the services, to use the copyrighted contents of Denkin e.K. in another way, to use the contents of Denkin e.K. protected as trademark in another way, to use the patents of Denkin e.K. in another way, to use any other legally protected contents of Denkin e.K. in another way.

The property right of legally protected property and intellectual property are not changed by this contract. Denkin e.K. does not transfer any rights to you.

3. Requirements for you when using a Service

With the use of one of the services of Denkin e.K. you commit yourself to prevent the intellectual and non-intellectual property of Denkin e.K. from being endangered. If you are unable to do so, you agree to cease all use.

You also agree that you will not use the services of Denkin e.K. in any way that could have a negative influence on the user experience of other users (e. g. by exploiting errors to manipulate scores).

You guarantee that, in connection with the use of services of Denkin e.K., you will not behave in any way that could mean a loss for Denkin e.K. and that you will not provide access to services of Denkin e.K. to unauthorized persons.

4. Invalid Demands on Denkin e.K.

You accept that Denkin e.K. will not provide any compensation for damages incurred directly or indirectly under the influence of a service of Denkin e.K.

Besides, you accept that Denkin e.K. will not in any case comply with demands from you, to compensate virtual objects, achievements, or other virtual components of a service with real money, real benefits, real services or other real expenses. Even if for some reason, e. g. a technical error, you are not able to use virtual objects or services you have previously purchased for real money and were previously able to use, Denkin e.K. is in no way obliged to offer you compensation or a refund.

The services of Denkin e.K. are provided as they are and only if they are available or usable. There is no guarantee that these services will be error-free. Errors of services of Denkin e.K. do not constitute a breach of contract.

The services of Denkin e.K. may not or never be available or usable on a regular or irregular basis at certain times, in some regions or for other reasons. You therefore accept that Denkin e.K. has no obligation to provide you with a service reliably and Denkin e.K. does not guarantee any reliability of its services. You confirm that you are aware that the services of Denkin e.K. may be defective and that your right to use them (as defined in 2.) may be interrupted and that this right only includes using the services in their existing form. If this is not possible for any reason, you have no right to use the service, accordingly Denkin e.K. does not guarantee that a service is available or usable at all.

Should no availability or usability be offered, this contract can be terminated according to 9.

5. Updates and Support

Denkin e.K. reserves the right to change and update services at any time and to any extent imaginable. Denkin e.K. may also require you to acdept the modification or update in order to continue using the service. Denkin e.K. does not assume any responsibility for losses incurred by your failure to update the service.

Denkin e.K. reserves the right to discontinue the availability, further development and support of and for each individual service at any time. It is irrelevant whether you have previously paid money for the respective service, paid money within the service or had no costs at all. Denkin e.K. is in no case obliged to reimburse or compensate you in any form.

6. Behavior when using a Service

Some services of Denkin e.K. may offer you the possibility to interact with other users.

You grant Denkin e.K. a royalty-free, non-exclusive right, if you create intellectual property in any form using a service of Denkin e.K. or submit your intellectual property in any form via a service of Denkin e.K., to use and store this intellectual property in connection with its services. However, you remain the legal owner of your respective intellectual property. Furthermore, you authorize Denkin e.K. to remove any content submitted by you without justification.

You accept that you are responsible for your behavior when and your way of using a service of Denkin e.K. and thus also for any breach of law that you commit in any connection with a service of Denkin e.K.

7. Third-party Services

Services of third parties can be used in the services of Denkin e.K.

These services may include, but are not limited to the Google Play Store, Google Play Games, as well as services of AppLovin.

You are responsible yourself for familiarizing yourself with the necessary contractual conditions of the respective services or third-party providers, which you are obliged to accept in order to be allowed to use a service of Denkin e.K. which uses a service of the corresponding third-party provider. Denkin e.K. does not take any responsibility for the activities of third parties.

You accept that Denkin e.K. may obtain, process, collect and store data about you and from you through a third party service in accordance with the privacy policy of Denkin e.K. and the privacy policy of the respective third party. You also authorize Denkin e.K. to pass on your personal data to third parties in accordance with the privacy policy of Denkin e.K., these terms of use and individual agreements between you and Denkin e.K.

If your personal data is provided to third parties, either directly by you or in accordance with the privacy policy of Denkin e.K. by Denkin e.K., this data is afterwards treated in accordance with the privacy policy of the corresponding third party.

Further information regarding data protection can be found in the privacy policy of Denkin e.K.

You accept that the services of Denkin e.K. may display advertisements and that Denkin e.K. is permitted to arbitrarily display these in services. Denkin e.K. is also permitted to introduce advertisements in services, in which no advertisements were previously available, unless the service was explicitly advertised by Denkin e.K. as a service in which this does not happen, at any time and without justification. Furthermore, you confirm your understanding that Denkin e.K. is not responsible for the consequences, correctness, appropriateness or legal infringements of the content of advertisers' advertising.

8. Privacy and Security

With these terms of use you also agree to the privacy policy and thus to the treatment of your data according to the privacy policy of Denkin e.K.

Denkin e.K. will try to ensure the security of your data, but since there are many dangers in the transfer of data and data transfer is never completely secure, Denkin e.K. is not in a position to guarantee the security of your data during collection, transfer, storage or processing. You are therefore primarily responsible yourself for the security and protection of yourself, your data and your property, such as the device you use, when using services of Denkin e.K.

9. Termination of the Contract

This contract between you and Denkin e.K. is terminated by either a termination by you or a termination by Denkin e.K., whereby the earlier of the two means the end of the contract, by a breach of contract either by you or by Denkin e.K. or by you ceasing the use of all services of Denkin e.K.

After termination of the contract you are obliged to cease the use of all services of Denkin e.K. and to destroy any copies of services of Denkin e.K. that you own. Furthermore, you agree that after termination of this contract you may not have access to any data or content that was previously connected with the use of a service of Denkin e.K.

If the termination of this contract is caused by a breach of contract by you, you accept that you will pay Denkin e.K. for any damage, losses and expenses incurred by this breach of contract.

10. Legal Basis

This contract is governed exclusively by the law in force in the Federal State of Hesse, Germany. All legal matters and all legal disputes in connection with these terms of use must be settled by a court of the Federal State of Hesse (Germany).

If any part of this contract is found not valid or not enforceable, the corresponding part is limited as little as necessary to be so. Every other part of these terms remains in effect to its full extend.


If you have any questions regarding these terms of use, please contact us:


or via Mail:

Denkin e.K.
Ohrnbachtalstr. 66A
64720 Michelstadt (Hessen)

Please note that you will usually receive an electronic reply (e. g. e-mail) and that it is therefore necessary to specify your e-mail address in a letter. However, we cannot guarantee that your request will be processed.

Definitions (may mutually refeer to each other):

(to) use: generally if you use, utilize, consume, download or access of something (here: a servie)
user: a person who is using at least one service of Denkin e.K.
private use: use for entertainment purposes
conditions: the content of this document, i. e. the obligations listed
service: a before in some way produced good (e. g. software, an app or a game) or an automatized or not-automatized service (e. g. the supply of a website)
content: every component of a service, of other products or of other services (e. g. code, graphics, music, sounds, title or name, dialogs, stories, concepts of design, concepts of game, concepts in general) as well as services, other products and other services itself
loss: a negative consequence (e. g. a decrease of profit, a decrease of range of users, defamation, a jurisdiction against the one concerned [here: Denkin e.K.] in the case of a dispute, damaging or destruction of any kind of property)
unauthorized person: a person who has not expressly accepted these terms or is because of any other legal conditions (e. g. age limit) not authorized to use the respective service
expense: everything that is connected with effort or in some way with expenses (e. g. financial expenses [money] or services)
damage: every kind of damaging (e. g. a damaging of the device or its components), consequences in someones social environment (e. g. bullying), loss of money (e. g. because you relied on the functionality of a service) or interference with someones career
device: the maybe electronic device via which a service is used
third-party provider: a provider of services that does not belong to and is no subsidiary of Denkin e.K.
third-party: a third-party provider or a person who is not employed by Denkin e.K.
advertiser: a person or company that is advertised or whose services are advertised by advertisements that are directly or indirectly defined by the advertiser


e. g.: for example
i. e.: that is
e.K.: eingetragener Kaufmann (German for “registered sole trader”)