Privacy Policy


This privacy policy explains to you whether and in which way Denkin e.K. collects, processes and passes on your data. This privacy policy is part of Denkin's terms of use and you agree to the privacy policy by agreeing to the terms of use. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, do not accept the terms of use and take appropriate action as described in the terms of use.

Denkin e.K. makes every effort to protect your data and will not collect, process or pass on any data without good reason.

1a. Automatically used Data

By using the services of Denkin e.K. some data are automatically processed or passed on by the corresponding service. This data may include:

1.1 Information about the device used (e. g. manufacturer and model, operating system, operating system version, coarse location, language, IMEI / device ID, network status, Android ID) and your Google Advertising ID
1.2 Basic information about your Google Play Games profile (e. g. name or username, profile picture, friends list) and information about previously scored points when you sign in to a service with Google

1b. Data collected by Denkin e.K.

Denkin e.K. does not receive any of your personal data and therefore has no possibility to collect or store it. An exception are the data explained in 5. when contacting us.

However, As an EU-citizen or as a citizen of the European Economic Area, you can use the contact data listed below to exercise your right to get informed about your data collected by Denkin e.K., although that would only involve unnecessary effort and costs. Furthermore, Denkin e.K. reserves the right to charge you an appropriate amount of money for processing such a request and in relation to the associated expenses.

2. Disclosure of Data to Third Parties

When using a service of Denkin e.K., data can be passed on to:

AppLovin (based in the USA)

After you agree to these terms, the data defined in 1.1 (especially your Advertising ID) can be passed on to AppLovin, as well as the data specified in AppLovin’s privacy policy to which you agree by doing so.

2.2 Google (based in the USA)

If you allow a service of Denkin e.K. to access your Google account and sign in with it, scores may be transferred to Google, as mentioned in 1.2. The corresponding privacy policy of Google applies.

The basis for passing on your data is therefore your consent.

3. Purpose of the Data used

Denkin e.K. will only use your data if you or Denkin e.K. have a legitimate interest to do so. Thus, the purpose of processing or transmitting the data referred to in 1. is as follows:

regarding 1.1 These data are used to ensure the highest possible compatibility of the services with your device used, to adapt the language or functions of the service to your device used and to place personalized, i. e. more interesting, advertisements if this has been approved (see 2.1), and thus also to maximize the income generated thereby.
regarding 1.2 This information will be used to allow you to link your highest score to your Google account and compare it with other players and your friends (see 2.2).

4. Right of Revocation

You have the right to revoke the permission to use your data as explained here and to request deletion of the stored data.

Denkin e.K. does not collect any data as described in 1b. Thus you do not have to request deletion from Denkin e.K.

However, in order to fully enforce your right of revocation, you must use the deletion options offered by the third parties listed in 2.

Assistance (effective: 27.08.2018):

You can deny a service access to your Google account on the following website (this does not delete any data, but only prevents future data exchange between the respective service and Google):

To delete any scores saved by Google, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Google Play Games – App
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots (top right hand corner) and on “Settings”
  3. Tap on “Delete Play Games data”
  4. Seek the corresponding service and tap on “Delete” next to it
  5. Tap on “Delete” again

Regarding your right of revocation at AppLovin (to personalize advertisements by using your personal data) you find an introduction on the following website:

If this assistance is no longer up-to-date, please contact the relevant third party provider directly to find out how you can enforce your right of revocation.

5. Data Processing upon Contact

When contacting, Denkin e.K. collects all data required for it.

I. e. if you send an e-mail to a contact e-mail address of Denkin e.K., Denkin e.K. will receive the e-mail address used to sent the e-mail or if you use another contact option, all data required for this option (e. g. your address for a letter), as well as all other data which you provide in the respective message.

Denkin e.K. will use this data exclusively for the processing of your message or your request and delete the data within a reasonable period of time if the data provided are no longer necessary for Denkin e.K. to process it.


If, after reading this privacy policy, you are not sure why certain data is collected, processed or disclosed, or if there is any other ambiguity regarding privacy, you may use the following contact:

or via mail:

Denkin e.K.
Ohrnbachtalstr. 66A
64720 Michelstadt (Hessen)

Responsible for data protection: Atien Kosin (CEO, Denkin e.K.)

Please note that you will usually receive an electronic reply (e. g. e-mail) and that it is therefore necessary to enter your e-mail address in a letter. However, the processing of your request cannot be guaranteed.

Definitions (may mutually refeer to each other):

(to) use: generally if you use, utilize, consume, download or access of something (here: a servie)
user: a person who is using at least one service of Denkin e.K.
private use: use for entertainment purposes
conditions: the content of this document, i. e. the obligations listed
service: a before in some way produced good (e. g. software, an app or a game) or an automatized or not-automatized service (e. g. the supply of a website)
content: every component of a service, of other products or of other services (e. g. code, graphics, music, sounds, title or name, dialogs, stories, concepts of design, concepts of game, concepts in general) as well as services, other products and other services itself
loss: a negative consequence (e. g. a decrease of profit, a decrease of range of users, defamation, a jurisdiction against the one concerned [here: Denkin e.K.] in the case of a dispute, damaging or destruction of any kind of property)
unauthorized person: a person who has not expressly accepted these terms or is because of any other legal conditions (e. g. age limit) not authorized to use the respective service
expense: everything that is connected with effort or in some way with expenses (e. g. financial expenses [money] or services)
damage: every kind of damaging (e. g. a damaging of the device or its components), consequences in someones social environment (e. g. bullying), loss of money (e. g. because you relied on the functionality of a service) or interference with someones career
device: the maybe electronic device via which a service is used
third-party provider: a provider of services that does not belong to and is no subsidiary of Denkin e.K.
third-party: a third-party provider or a person who is not employed by Denkin e.K.
advertiser: a person or company that is advertised or whose services are advertised by advertisements that are directly or indirectly defined by the advertiser


e. g.: for example
i. e.: that is
e.K.: eingetragener Kaufmann (German for “registered sole trader”)